Our Story

In the parish of Kambja, at the borderline of Tartumaa (25 kilometers from Tartu) is a farm where cows are called Mummukesed (“Dotsies”), they’re caressed and meditated with. Cows care about the people here and the people do everything possible that the animals have a safe and secure environment. Do you know how gentle this seemingly large animal can be? Have you ever touched cheeks with them and heard each other breathe?

We have 180 dairy cows who produce quality milk which we have sent to major processing plants, the future of the produce is unknown to us, something we would like to change. Today we have started the course to building a dairy farm to start producing cheese. We wish to produce cheese worthy of the love and pride of us, our animals and our clients.

Our history goes back to the times of our ancestors, the current head farmer’s grandfather had his own farm here as well. Novelty is in our blood. Already during the first tenure of Estonia’s independence the cattle could drink from automatic water dispensers and the fields were the subject of novel agrotechnical methods to increase the crop yield.

The current farm establishment has been operating since 1999, starting with only 20 cows to the 360 cows of today. The cows are milked with four Lely robot milking systems.